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Because Sometimes Inner Beauty Begins at the Surface


Feels Like Gold: The Gilded Experience

Gilded Palm isn’t your standard medical spa. It’s not a clinic where you’re herded in and rushed out. You will feel the Gilded Palm difference the moment you walk through the door. This is an experience and no expense should be spared when it comes to your body, your beauty and the way you feel about yourself.

Let's Make Beauty Fun Again

When did beauty become a chore? Or a competition? Or a standard? Remember the first time you tried on makeup? The first time you felt beautiful? Let’s bring that delight back. At Gilded Palm we strive to make beauty pleasurable again. We can’t promise you’ll love the way you look, but we can promise you’ll have fun trying. Only kidding. We’re quite certain you’ll look and feel marvelous!

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The Gilded Palm Recipe for Beauty

  • A lot of laughter
  • A dash of neurotoxin
  • Loads of SPF
  • A bit of retinol
  • A lifetime of maintenance