Because Sometimes Inner Beauty Begins at the Surface


Feels Like Gold: The Gilded Experience

Gilded Palm is a physician-owned and operated concierge medical spa that is focused on results rather than individual services. We center on natural-appearing rejuvenation of one’s unique self. We believe no expense should be spared when it comes to your body, your beauty and the way you feel about yourself. You will feel the Gilded Palm difference the moment you walk through the door.

Get that Gilded Glow!

Ready for that fresh, rejuvenated look? It’s time to make you the best version of yourself (not someone else!). Myself, but better. Younger. Fresher. Less tired. We’ll take you back to the version of yourself from years past. And, with a little maintenance, we’ll keep you there. Gilded. Glowing. Always.

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Gilded Guarantee

Gone are the days of physician or spa shopping. At Gilded Palm we ensure you achieve appreciable results. If it doesn’t work with the first method, we will try something else! The art and science of beauty comes about by a unique formula, individualized for each client. We have myriad tools in our toolbox to address your beauty concerns from all angles. Stick with us and we’ll get there together!