Vein Removal

Before We Get Started, A Note on Services

During your evaluation, we will formulate a plan specifically tailored to you. The art of beauty should focus on results rather than on individual treatments.

Sclerotherapy (aka spider vein removal, broken capillary removal)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a fancy word for vein removal. Simply, it is injecting a medication into unsightly veins to make them go away like magic. People are loving lasers these days, but when it comes to veins, sclerotherapy is where it’s at! It is the gold standard for leg vein removal.

What should I expect?

In the past, a harsh chemical was used that burned when injected, but now, the medication we use is nearly pain-free. You will feel the pinch of a small needle at each site, but other than that, there is not much pain. If we’re treating your legs, you will have to wear compression stockings for a few days afterward. But that’s easy peasy.

In what body areas can I get it?

We can safely inject veins in just about any body area excluding the face.

When will I see results?

You will notice visible improvement in 3-7 days. After one session, you should have an 80% improvement in your veins. Some veins may require a second treatment.

How long do the results last?

If you treat only the little veins and don’t treat the big, feeder veins, just like a little creek off a river, they will come back in 6-8 months. At Gilded, we will do our best to treat the little and big ones. So they get gone and stay gone! As such, the results should be permanent.

IPL Optimas Lumecca Photofacial (aka photorejuvenation)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. Unlike a laser, IPL is white light and contains all wavelengths. It uses light energy to target certain colors in the skin—namely browns and reds (think: sun damage, broken capillaries, and rosacea). The skin heats up and then the body gets rid of the unwanted cells. There is a lot of buzz about the BBL (broadband light) facial right now. BBL is a broadband of light, where IPL is a single, intense, focused beam of light and is more targeted and precise. The IPL also stimulates collagen growth thereby improving texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

What can I expect?

The Lumecca Optimas has a built-in cooling system, and as such, you will not require any numbing beforehand. So cool (sorry; pun intended)!

When will I see results?

Within one week of the treatment, the skin will begin to heal. You may have some crusting, peeling, scabbing and darkening of spots prior to them flaking off and healing. After this, you will already notice improvement, however, the best results usually follow a few treatments (three is a good place to start and is generally how the packages are sold).

How long do the results last?

They are permanent! But you need to stay vigilant about your skincare and sun protection in order to maintain the best results.

In what body areas can I get it?

Anywhere! Face, neck, hands and décolleté are some of the most popular.