Jessie Sandlin, MD

Cosmetic Physician

My path in medicine has been a convoluted one. From U.S. Naval flight surgery in the Persian Gulf, to medical training at Harvard, to anesthesia in Miami, one thing has remained constant: my ardor for aesthetics and beauty. My course in medicine has always been procedurally based, so aesthetics follows naturally. I began as a medispa patient in my mid-20s and always wanted to open my own spa. Mentors advised me that my talents “would be wasted” in a med spa, but I came to realize that my talents would only be amplified by my passion—a passion for aesthetics. As such, Gilded Palm came to be.

Define Your Own Beauty

At Gilded Palm Aesthetic Spa we strive to provide a lavish, relaxing space where clientele can enjoy life and retreat from life’s stressors while becoming their best selves. Because sometimes inner beauty just begins at the surface.