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How do light and laser treatments work to make my skin look better?

You know how when you go outside in the summer in a black shirt you get much hotter than if you're in a white shirt? Well, that's how lasers and light treatments work. The pigment absorbs the light energy. The light energy then breaks down whatever is absorbing it (like the paint on the hood of an old, black car). The heat energy from the light also causes increased blood flow and a bit of microtrauma which leads to collagen formation. Different targets (called chromophores in the biz) for lasers and lights (like IPL) are reds (blood vessels and rosacea), browns (sun damage), water (tissue), and pigmented hair follicles. With stronger lasers that break down a lot of water/tissue, there is more downtime, but the skin grows back new and baby-fresh! And guess what else: by removing sun-damaged tissue, some of these treatments can even lower your risk of skin cancer!

Like anything, there can be a range of downtimes and results based upon the specific light/laser, the settings, and the patient. With these treatments we know we will create more collagen and decrease the age of the skin, but the extent of the results is also based upon the individual immune system and where and how much collagen it lays down after the treatment. So drink your water and say your prayers for best results!

Radiofrequency (used in our dear Agnes and Morpheus8) and infrared (in our post-treatment LED) are not visible light, but are also on the the electromagnetic spectrum and also lead to collagen production. All these modalities work synergistically over time to decrease skin age an improve skin health.

Enough physics for one beauty blog? I agree. But now you know!

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