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I’ve been getting Botox my whole life, I don’t have any lines, but I still look aged and tired. I don't understand why!

We lose 1% of collagen each year of life after the age of 20. This accounts for the subtle loss of laxity and volume that we don’t really notice when looking in the mirror every day. Fortunately for us, science has been working on methods to replace and regrow collagen and there are now lots of options! We have PRP (about which you have learned in previous newsletters), the new PRX-T33 (read above), microneedling, and Sculptra, to name a few. Sculptra is great for replacing volume loss, in particular. They call it a filler, but it’s not the filler about which you’re most used to hearing. Unlike the typical lip filler, which is hyaluronic acid, Sculptra is PLLA, or polylactic acid. PLLA doesn’t give you that immediate volumizing, mass of filler. It doesn’t move and mold like the other fillers. PLLA is injected into large areas under the skin (into the deep dermis) to stimulate your body to regrow collagen and elastin to replace the insidious volume loss mentioned above. (Now, you might be asking how this is different than the collagen regenerated with the PRX-T33 treatment discussed earlier. Sculptra is injected deeper than the topical PRX-T33 is able to penetrate and is better at creating collagen in larger areas requiring subtle volume.) As with many of these collagen-regenerating procedures, Sculptra generally requires three (3) treatments to achieve desired results and one (1) treatment annually, thereafter, to stay ahead of further collagen loss.

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