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I never knew about all these amazing things Botox® can do!

When layering products, let each set in for a few minutes (the longer, the better) before applying the next. (Make sure it is completely dry.) In general, apply products lightest to heaviest.

Remember that Botox® (we use the term "Botox®" here to reference all botulinum toxins) paralyzes muscle. Period. Dot. (This is why the Botox® eyebrow lift and lip flip often over-promise and under-deliver, but we can delve into that at a later time.) The three FDA-approved areas for Botox® cosmetic treatment are the forehead, crow's feet, and 11 lines. But, like so many things in medical aesthetics, there are myriad other off-label areas we can inject that are safe and yield amazing results.

Do you grind your teeth at night and wake up with headaches every morning? Masseter muscle injection can be life-changing for many people. You will likely soon awake headache-free and it may even begin to slim your face!

Are you beginning to notice prominent, vertical old lady neck cords? These are muscles called the platysma and they have been building up over the years. We can minimize them with--you guessed it--Botox®!

Are you concerned about sweat showing on your cute dress for your daughter's wedding? Small muscles push sweat out of the pores. So, yup! Treat it with Botox®!

Do you see only pink gums when you smile? That's a muscle that is lifting your upper lip too much. Just a teensy bit of Botox® can get you to a teeth-only smile. 😁

Have you noticed that your chin looks like a dimpled golfball when you're animating? Another muscle. Botox® Do you get little bunny lines 🐰 on the side of your nose when you smile big? Stop them with a little Botox®, you wascawwy wrabbit!

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