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I have to keep getting Botox, right? Well, then, I don't want to do it.

You know when you finally reach your goal weight and then you think "I made it! I can eat this! And skip that workout!" and then six months later you are no longer at your goal weight? (And if you can't relate, I'm not sure we can be friends.) To maintain your ideal body, you need to keep working out and watching what you eat. Aesthetics is not any different. In order to maintain a youthful, gilded glow, you need to keep getting neurotoxin, resurfacing your skin and undergoing collagen-stimulating procedures. That doesn’t mean it’s not working or it’s not worth it, but you need to keep up with the aging process that is always fighting against us. Because in life, there is nothing that doesn't require some amount of maintenance.

You should have a daily skin routine that, at a minimum, includes retinol, moisturizer and SPF. To keep lines at bay, it behooves you to receive Botox (or another neuromodulator) about every three months. Once a year it is a good idea to get a vial of Sculptra to keep up with the annual 1% collagen loss. Every 2-3 years you would be well advised to undergo a chemical peel treatment series to stay on top of skin tone, texture and evenness.

The above is a generic guideline. As every individual is unique, maintenance is different for everyone. There are myriad procedures and options available at Gilded Palm and evaluations are always free, so if you’re wondering what is best for you, schedule an appointment to come in!

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