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My skin seems so dull and uneven, but facials only last a day or two. Is there anything I can do to get a lasting glow?

Vocabulary word of the day: resurfacing. Let's break it down: RE: do again; SURFACE: the outermost layer of the skin. The outermost layer of the skin is dead cells. G. Ross. That is what accounts for the icky on the surface that makes our skin dull and gives us uneven texture, tone, fine lines and enlarged pores. So, we need to get rid of those dead cells and re-do the surface, to reveal the lovely, young cells hidden beneath.

There are two primary mechanisms by which we can resurface: chemically or mechanically. Our preferred mechanical method is by way of Morpheus8 Resurfacing and our favorite chemical approach is via the good, old chemical peel. We can perform Morpheus8 Resurfacing as an independent treatment or the same day as standard Morpheus8 and you'll start to notice beautiful, polished skin after a few sessions! Chemical peels take only a few minutes to perform in the office and your skin will slough off over the next 1-2 weeks (more so than with Morpheus8 Resurfacing). The sloughing will reveal beautiful, glowing skin underneath. It's a personal preference which to choose. Ask us and we can help you decide!

As you can now see, everyone should be resurfacing all the time. Retinol is like a mini, daily chemical peel that pairs well with either of the above. That's why we promote daily retinol for EVERYONE and regular in-office resurfacing.

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