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I kinda want to get my lips done, but I’m a little nervous!

1. That’s totally normal! 2. All husbands say they don’t want their wives to get their lips done 😂 And that’s because they are noticing only the women who have obvious lip filler. The ones they aren’t noticing are the beautiful, natural-appearing fillers. As we age, our lips lose volume over time. So, it is completely reasonable to get fillers not look like a Kardashian, but to restore some of the lost volume of youth.

Some fillers draw in water and become extremely swollen in the first 24 hours, but a lot of the new ones don’t. Of course there will always be a bit of swelling immediately following injection, but usually not anything to preclude you from regular daily activities. You will probably have a bit of bruising for a week or so, but that is easily covered with lipstick (and you can begin wearing lipstick right away). And yes, if you suffer from cold sores (like me), you can still get lip filler. We will get you on an antiviral and you should be good to go!

The lips are an extremely sensitive area and frankly, I don’t know how women get their lips injected with only topical numbing cream. Since I’m trained as an anesthesiologist, it is easy for me to do a quick, simple dental block. This means that your lips will be completely numb and you won’t feel any of the filler injection! And if you hate needles, I’ve got some eye masks so you can just relax until we are done!

Lastly, lip fillers are 100% reversible!! So, if you or your husband hate them after two weeks, just come in and get them dissolved. No harm, no foul. 😉

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