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I’ve been fighting melasma ever since my pregnancy. I just want to be able to go without foundation!

Also referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, melasma is not part of the “pregnancy glow”. And no one talks about it before you get pregnant! Melasma predominantly affects women because it is worsened by the hormone progesterone (in birth control pills, pregnancy, ovaries and hormone replacement). You don’t have to be pregnant to get it, but that can definitely make it worse as the placenta produces progesterone. Everyone knows sun makes melasma worse, but did you know heat can also make it worse? That’s why even if you’re undyingly committed to SPF, it can still worsen when you’re outside in the summer. That’s also why it can be tricky to treat with our usual lasers or IPLs (I PROMISE that was not an intentional pun). It affects enough of the gilded family that I have researched high and low to find the best melasma and pigmentation treatment the world has to offer. We began using Cosmelan this past summer and have already gotten multiple melasma sufferers off their foundation (that used to be applied with a putty knife). Melasma is a lifelong condition, but you can keep it at bay with a daily skincare routine and lots of SPF (which you should be doing anyway!). Something that used to be so difficult to treat is now easy peasy with the Cosmelan Depigmenting Peel (and it’s also great for resurfacing!).

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