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I just got Botox, but I still have lines! I need more, right?

Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau) all work by the same mechanism: they temporarily paralyze muscles. How does paralyzing muscles get rid of wrinkles, you might ask? Well, that’s a great question because it doesn’t! The face is the only place in the body where muscles insert directly onto the skin (everywhere else they attach to a bone or tendon). It is these facial muscles, which connect to the skin, that create lines and wrinkles. When you’re young, your skin bounces right back after the muscles are done contracting. Just like that couch that used to bounce right back after you stood up from it, after a few years (or maybe decade if you have a relic like us) those divots and wrinkles stay put even after you remove your cute, little fanny from it. If you it catch early enough, sometimes you can iron out those wrinkles entirely, but often they are so deep that when you iron them, they can only be softened. Neurotoxins are not any different: sometimes the wrinkles are just too deep to be completely smoothed out. Once the muscle is paralyzed, the wrinkle won’t get any worse and it does, thankfully, usually become fainter. But oftentimes it doesn’t go away entirely. So how can you tell if more neurotoxin will help make your lines softer? If your muscles are fully paralyzed, that is the best we can do with neurotoxin alone. But don’t be dismayed, we have some other tricks up our sleeve to help with those pesky lines. Morpheus8, anyone?? (You heard right: we have some exciting news coming up in the July newsletter!)

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