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I never thought fillers were for me. But maybe they are...

Fillers are just that: they are a volume that FILL a void. As such, they are best used where there is a true volume deficit. Common examples include the lips (we lose volume in our lips as we age!), under-eye hollows and places of bone loss (the chin and jawline). Using it anywhere else is just a bandage that can sometimes help temporarily, but often doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which, oftentimes is collagen loss. If you’re on a timeline and want to look good fast, fillers are great for that. If you want to pull things back to where they used to be and you have some time to spare, let’s use something to kick your body into gear and generate collagen (that's a different discussion about Morpheus8 and/or Agnes).

Our body makes and breaks down hyaluronic acid every day. It is a constant cycle of making and breaking it down. Most fillers are hyaluronic acid. The manufacturers crosslink the fillers in a lab to make it last longer, but your body will eventually break it down. Based upon the type of filler, the amount injected, the area injected and your metabolism, it will most likely last 6-18 months. The good news is that we have the enzyme that breaks it down and we can break it down faster if we need/want to.

Is there a lot of overfilling in today's world? 100 percent. But when filler is used properly--to fill a void and not replace collage--it can be lovely and natural. Want to hear about some places you probably never knew you could inject filler?

-the back of the hands (to help with volume loss and aging)

-earlobes (to help with, yes, volume loss and stretched out earring holes)

-lipstick lines (sometimes called smoker's lines even though you never smoked and you still have them)

-temples (look at photos from when you were younger--were your temples fuller? I bet they were!)

-under eyes (for true volume loss--you need something else if it is dark circles, fine lines or bags)

-chin (for receding or square-shaped chins)

This list is just for starters. Just about anywhere there is a void, we can inject filler! Schedule your appointment to discuss!

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