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There's a non-surgical way to treat under-eye bags?! Tell me more!

The eye bags we're talking about here are pads of fat. The eye is surrounded by fat to help protect it. Occasionally, over the years that fat can start to protrude and cause a herniation we can see under the eye as a bag. (Hollowing, volume loss or dark circles under the eyes are not caused by fat herniation and will be addressed at another time.)

(Now, sometimes it can be tricky to tell if it is truly fat or if it is fluid retention (from allergies or something else). If the bags change throughout the day and/or at different times of the year, there is a good chance they are the result of fluid. If they decrease in size following application of Preparation H (an old aesthetic trick), again, they are likely from fluid retention and we need to treat the underlying cause.)

Until fairly recently, surgery was the only way to remove herniated fat pads from under the eyes. But we now have a nonsurgical option: Agnes Radio Frequency Precision Microneedling. It's a quick, in-office procedure that permanently destroys fat. You will be completely numb and we'll melt the fat with a teeny tiny needle you won't be able to feel. It's so gratifying to see the fat disappear while we do it! It also causes contraction and tightening of skin and generates collagen! Bags gone and skin tight. Is that cool or what?!

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