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What is PRP and how does it work in Gilded Facials and Facelifts??

PRP is platelet-rich plasma. You may have heard of Vampire treatments? Vampire is a trademarked name for PRP treatment. PRP is your own plasma and platelets that are separated from blood that is drawn from your arm at the time of your appointment. Platelets help stop bleeding, right? So, who cares? Well, when platelets rush to the site of injury to help stop bleeding, they also bring with them cytokines and growth factors to regrow the tissue and repair the wound (okay, now you’ve got my attention…). So, all those amazing factors that will regrow new, baby fresh skin at the site of injury can do similar things with the old, sagging collagen and elastin in your face and scalp. At Gilded Palm, we use PRP in three primary manners (all under local anesthetic):

  1. Gilded Gold Facial: PRP in conjunction with microneedling (think: PRP put inside of hundreds of little micro-injuries on the skin’s surface to create reparation and regeneration)
  2. Gilded Gold Facelift: PRP in hundreds of deeper, more substantial injections on the face (similar to numerous, little neurotoxin injections). This is remarkable PRP Gilded Facelift yields results that often lead to an appearance of 5-20 years younger!
  3. Hair restoration: PRP injected into the scalp to help with hair regrowth. (Usually takes a few more sessions in men than in women. Women are usually looking like Chewbacca after only one of these sessions!)

In short, PRP is incredible, liquid, gilded gold. We can discuss your goals and desires at an appointment or evaluation to determine how PRP would best be utilized to reverse some of the signs of aging and to bring back your gilded glow and self-confidence!

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