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What is making me look so tired?

Why does the line from my baseball hat now stay in my forehead all day? Why do we get Botox® to make sure we can't wrinkle our forehead when even a child with raised eye brows gets wrinkles in their forehead? Although when the child relaxes their forehead, the lines disappear; and our lines become permanently etched in. Why? Because of collagen loss😖

Beginning in our early 20s, we lose 1% of our collagen each year. 😭This collagen loss accounts for the lines, the wrinkles, the dullness, and the sagging and drooping. Eek! Can we ever get that collagen back? When you are wounded, your body creates collagen to heal and repair. So, if we trick our body into thinking it's being injured, we can generate collagen! Enter radiofrequency microneedling, IPL photofacials, PRP and Sculptra!

We do not have a one-and-done magic treatment, but all the procedures work synergistically over the months and years to restore that lost collagen. A one-and-done surgical facelift only tightens fragile, weak skin. We shave years off skin age and tighten in the process through collagen generation! It's your own collagen, so it is permanent and it is YOU.

Usually, within the first few months of treatment you will begin receiving compliments. Then, you get addicted to the compliments and keep coming in. In a year or two we will look at your before-and-after photos in amazement and we can see how far we have come! So don't wait any longer. Let's start on your skin vibrance treatment plan now!

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