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What can I do about these circles under my eyes? I’m getting plenty of sleep, but I look so tired!

Persistent under-eye circles are often caused by one of a few general groups of issues (or a combination thereof). Two of these issues usually can’t be fixed in a medical aesthetic spa. The first is dark color as a result of thin skin under the eye. Thankfully, this can easily be covered with a bit of makeup. The second issue is puffiness from allergies (which we see a lot in the Hill Country). Puffiness can frequently be treated with a good antihistamine taken by mouth. The rest of the causes can often be cured in-office! Yay! One such cause is shadowing resulting from a paucity of fat and connective tissue. This can be overcome with a little hyaluronic acid filler both under the eyes and sometimes also in the apples of the cheeks (to decrease the appearance of the shadows). At Gilded Palm, this procedure is typically performed with only one, small insertion site on each side of the face. Most clients will require two syringes of filler and can expect about a 70-80% improvement in appearance. The axiom is that it is better to slightly under-treat than over-treat this area with filler, as we certainly don’t want puffiness! Which brings us to the next source of under-eye circles: excessive or lax fat. Fortunately for us, fat pads under the eyes can often be treated with only one session of injected PC/DC (the fat melter!). And finally, the last issue that may be causing those pesky under-eye circles is fine lines and skin laxity. As with any other area of the body, under-eye laxity and wrinkles can be treated with one of our favorite devices: the skin-tightening PlasmaPen! So whether it’s makeup, antihistamines, filler or fat-melting, most causes of under-eye circles can be remedied! Yeehaw!

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